Professional vs. Aspiring | Which one are you?

As an aspiring musician, there are a number of conditioned 'struggles' that come along with that title. Not having enough money, time to create, gigs, etc. Sometimes, we may even think those struggles can be charming, subconsciously welcoming the struggle. Charming in the sense of "I'll sing to you all night long in exchange for food/bed/love please take care of me..." and more often than not, it probably works! Nothing better than having a talented musician sing vibrations of love into your ear, strumming the most vulnerable chords in our heart. This act might be the most intimate and beautiful works of art that exist.

But that intimacy is temporary, and the next morning you as a musician are back in the lower vibrations of struggle.

It may give you inspiration for your next material, but if you are serious about your professional music career, this lifestyle is not sustainable. This mindset gives you short-lived happiness and temporary pleasures, both which do not sustain a steady career and lifestyle.

This lifestyle may hit home for you, or you may find that you dip in and out of it. A professional musician however does not dip in and out of this; they are consistent with a mindset of abundance and self belief, allowing them control over which gigs they play, how much they get paid, when they play, and the list goes on.

The key is a professional musician has control.

This steady lifestyle begins in their mind. They at one point made the conscious decision that regardless of how much money, time or resources they had at that given point in time, it was enough to succeed as a professional musician. They decided that dipping in and out of living between a struggling musician and a professional musician wasn’t good enough for their level of talent. They made the choice to shift into a higher vibration, knowing deep down that their music and talent was good enough to make a full time income off of. They made the choice to become a professional musician, not anything less, and now they are serving as one of your idols.
Regardless of where you personally are in your musical journey, knowing your end destination is actually really important. If you can’t see the end, it is in your best interest to try so you don’t waste your precious days dipping in and out of the hazy lifestyle you’re currently floating in. The best musicians you idolize had to do this very exact same thing - decide what their priorities were, how much they valued their talents and the music, and then cut out the noise that didn’t align with their best interest. Like I said, it comes down to making a decision in your mind. We are given 24 hours in one day, how are you spending it? Do you even know? The world is yours if you apply yourself to working for your dreams. Dreams do come true, which I’m sure you know by this point as you are reading this post. But do you believe it is the real question. Do you believe in yourself as being good enough to achieve your dreams?

If you don’t, we most certainly do. We believe in you so much that we have designated programs that dive in to your core truth, help you find your end destination, programs that can help enhance whatever skills you want to work on, and much more to help you shift into a higher vibration of a professional musician. Check out programs page here.
Going back to the original conditioned ‘struggles’ mentioned prior, it is most important to get yourself out of this way of living. It is possible, it just takes conscious awareness of how you think about specific situations. Take the simplest aspects of your life, for example, how do you view your time? Does it feel like you don’t have enough time to create? Do you feel like time controls you? If so, try to reverse it in that you control time… because guess what? You can.

For the next few mornings, when you wake up say this simple mantra to yourself: “I have more than enough time to create, to make money, to enjoy the company of friends and do everything I want to do.” It helps to get more specific, so feel free to make this list as specific and detailed as you can. To help keep your mind on this higher vibration, it helps to say it a few different times throughout the day, possibly during lunch or every few hours. No doubt will you have enough time do what you desire, and even begin to notice that the days seem longer as you have accomplished everything you wanted. It’s simply magic. 
Give it a shot. Get yourself out of this mentality of struggle - it doesn’t serve anyone, and it most certainly doesn’t serve your professional musician self. Be prepared to see results quicker than you think. This stuff simply amazes me - tell us about your experiences as it inspires others to bring themselves up too. We are here to help each other rise to the top. With your words of inspiration below in the comment section, we can help bring the best musicians out of each other!! It starts with you! 

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