Quit Tripping! 3 Easy Steps to Lead You to Success

3 Easy Steps to Bring You Closer to Success 
Our CEO & Producer, Daniel Barrett at Rubicon Studios, explains in a short video 3 simple and easy steps which will bring you much closer to your dreams than you ever imagined. These things can all be done within 5 minutes - and it all begins with a choice. A choice to be aware of the situations you place yourself in, recognizing your emotions, and addressing your fears. The last one is simply admitting to yourself that your fears do actually exist, and making the choice to work with these fears instead of allowing them to win, holding us back from our attainable dreams. 

We choose our friends, not our family. Who we hang around is a choice! The Greats became greater by surrounding themselves with positive, inspiring people who gave them knowledge on some higher level. You’re obviously here reading this to absorb knowledge, so it’s safe to assume your movement is on the advanced track to success. The next question is, who is in the front seat next to you? In other words, are the people you’re hanging around moving in the same direction? Do they see themselves as a Great, like you do? If you don’t know, it’s in your best interest to take a step back and look around you. If you find your friends inspiring you to become your highest self, radical. If not, what exactly are you doing? The longer you put off answering this question the further you are tripping backwards away from your dream. Quit tripping - you have a choice! 

You know that feeling when you start to go dizzy, your thoughts begin to blend together and the thought of a big fat burrito all of a sudden makes the world sit right? You may have just toked on a nice little number, but we’re referring to H.A.L.T. These weird feelings are probably stemming from one of these letters…Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. We are strongly suggesting you check in with your Self, more than once a day. After all, we are Spirit in an animal body. We like to use our power and make awesome music. If one of the letters of H.A.L.T. are present, then the awesome music can’t really happen to the best of our ability. We can’t stress enough the important relationship between alignment and success. It’s what Rubicon is based on, what we stand for, and how we move forward successfully. Constantly we are checking in with our Self to ensure an aligned mind, body and spirit are present so that we can operate at our highest level, for you. Do the same for yourself and for your music. Give your art the chance to be created against the purest canvas.

Whether you have been paid to perform in front of thousands, just a few friends, or somewhere in between, you’re most likely still on your beautiful journey of landing your career as a professional musician, and we could not be happier to be apart of your success! These are winding journeys, often filled with douses of fear here and there. Acknowledging your fear is the first step. Facing it is the second step. It may sound scary but frankly it is the only thing keeping your dream a dream instead of your reality. Understanding your fears and the root causes takes awareness, and we recommend meditation to shorten the distance between the two. Luckily for you, we have some great meditations made just for releasing fear (include link to meditation section)! The sooner the fears you hold are dissolved down into a pure state of love, the closer you are to obtaining a professional music career. It really is this simple. There are a number of ways to release fear, but to keep it simple we suggest writing down all fears big and small and placing them into a box. When you’re feeling brave and courageous, pull one out. Sit with this fear, imagine yourself overcoming this fear, and then see yourself in the best possible situation. I also want to stress the importance of FEELING the awesome feelings of success. Play it out like a mental movie. Do this until the dream is your reality, but also remember to allow room for it to happen. In other words, don’t become so caught up that you forget to live here in the now. Always remember to trust. 

If you can manage these 3 simple steps, we can guarantee success is closer than you think. Hanging with positive, supportive friends, checking in with your Self and knocking down the walls of fear is your ticket to landing a professional career as a musician. 

Thank you for being apart of the light with Rubicon Artist Development! We wish you the most success, inspiration, and love along the way. We believe in you as you believe in yourself. 


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